Elite English Companion


How should I contact you?

Email is the preferred method. I do not give out my number unless we have met: [email protected]

What are the most important considerations before I contact you?

I do not schedule meetings starting later than 10pm (1hour) 9pm (2hours). Can you verify yourself on P411 or provide references? If you cannot verify yourself through another provider you must email from your business address in the first instance and provide your hotel details so that I can confirm our date.  I do not meet anyone anonymously.  

I am unsure about meeting you?

If you're unsure if I'm the right provider for you, we can meet in the bar of your hotel for a drink first this is a £100 fee (this is for verified clients only, no anonymous dates). Please hand me my full tribute if you wish to continue our date past this 30. 

Eros says you're available NOW?

Unfortunately, Eros has decided to give viewing priority to ladies who are "available now". However, this is my hobby and not my Job therefore I cannot drop everything at a moments notice. I may not be available immediately but it does mean you have at least found me, and with a few hours notice I may be available to meet you if you can confirm your hotel in advance.

Can I post a Review for you either on The Erotic Review or elsewhere?

I have decided that I do not wish to be a part of this misogynistic culture of reviewing ladies to establish some sort of legitimacy. At the end of the day it is simply someones opinion and I prefer to spend quality time establishing a relationship with an individual rather than lend credence to this "wham bam" theory that I only provide a service.  If you contact me you are agreeing that you will not post a review of our encounter.

How old are you?

If you need a number then I am probably not the girl for you. I am a mature courtesan, young at heart but wise beyond my years. 


How do I make an enquiry?

The preferred method is an email introducing yourself with your name, age, where you reside and a little something about yourself. Please mention the date you'd like to meet, time and duration. You may have a busy schedule, so its helpful to know if you are flexible. I also require a mandatory deposit for all appointments please ask for details. Last but not least don't forget to provide a phone number that I may reach you on and a convenient time: [email protected]  

Whats next?

I insist on speaking with each potential client on the phone to ascertain if we are a suitable match. A conversation can determine pretty quickly if we have chemistry. 

Where do we meet?

Strictly outcalls. If you'd like to see me at your hotel I require the name of your Hotel, your check-in name and room number in advance of our date, this is to verify your location so I can plan my time accordingly.  I only provide Incall's for those individuals I have met before or can verify in advance. If you are unable to arrange an Incall Im happy for you to send me the money and I will book a suitable hotel for our liaison. 

Do you require any verification?  

This is the most effective method of guaranteeing an appointment with me. If you are a member of 411 your initial request will come through their website and I will contact the last active provider you visited for a reference. However, I now take deposits if we don't have time to go through the verification process.

How and when do I pay you?

I expect my fee to be handed to me in an envelope or card within the first five minutes of arriving. I cannot relax until I have been "given" my gift. Its always good to get business out of the way as quickly as possible so that we can relax and enjoy our time together. 

Do you travel to Heathrow Airport?

Simply put "NO". 

Whats your ideal date?

A two hour date is the suggested time frame for a first meeting. It simply isn't possible to get to know one another in a one hour time frame and suggests you're not the clientele I enjoy meeting. 

Special requests

I am suitably dressed at all times whether Im in a black business suit, killer LBD or Casual weekend attire. However, if you have a penchant for Agent provocateur and request specific lingerie you will need to send me a gift voucher for your chosen brand, then I'd be happy to go shopping and model for you. Requests for Louboutins make me shudder, classless and un-necessary. 


What makes a date memorable?

A client who is freshly showered wearing clean clothes, who brushes his teeth before our date (and regularly gets his teeth cleaned). Questions of a personal nature are an absolute no no and guaranteed to kill any romance. Remember I am a woman of Mystery....lets keep it that way. 

Can we keep in contact after our liaison?

I do hope so! I always maintain friendships and existing relationships are very important to me. Developing relationships even with boundaries can intensify each subsequent meeting and only results in positive new experiences.